Fare i “finocchi” con il “sedere” degli altri: r.2.0

poi alle volte si perde la pazienza!

per gli interessati ecco come è proseguita la mia vicenda con Corel: non si può abbozzare quando ti prendono per il culo, anche se sai benissimo di essere in condizione di inferiorità e che probabilmente incazzarsi non servirà a risolvere i problemi … ma a volte la pazienza si esaurisce!

this was the answer by Corel tech. support (?!) for the problem I found with CorelCAD

Dear Mr Manservisi,

The devlopment team has wrriten back regarding “external references are not automatically loaded” and confimred that the way you found is correct. They wrote that “the CorelCAD Appstore version has the restriction to run in a sandbox environment and it don’t have any direct file access to outside this sandbox. This is a restriction of the certification process of the Apple appstore. We can’t fix this, the only workaround is to load the xref-files manually.”
I would suggest that you buy directly from us a version next time and pay a bit more to get the full package.

I’m closing case.

Corel Customer Support Services

And that was my reply:

This is too much, you are teasing me !
“next time” ? … “full package” ?

I finally lost my patience, Corel has cheated me!
Nobody anywhere warns that the version of CorelCAD sold through the Apple app store at a promotional price (as described in all advertisements and reviews on the subject), is an abridged version WITH SIGNIFICANT LIMITATIONS. Limitations that prevent to be able to define this version as a professional sw.
In the same way I was treated by a technical assistance incapable of solving the problems by your own admission.
All bad and very bad behavior, especially considering the name and image with which Corel pretend to be in the professional cad market.
I’ve lost hours of work thinking of relating to a serious company and prepared technical staff, I will certainly use all possible means at my disposal to make known the behavior of Corel.

Stefano Manservisi

Just to let you know my mood with Corel.
Stefano Manservisi

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